Jan 13

Want More Lean Muscle?

Have you found your muscle growth has stopped?  Are you looking for a few tips to help you add some lean mass?  Read on and try the following:

1) Utilize the concept of Periodization in your workout
2) Train each body part TWICE per week
3) Stay Anabolic

To Explain:

1. Periodization is style of training that adjusts your weight and rep range allowing your body to continue to adapt to resistance training. To make it simple: For the first phase do 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps with low weight. This is for a month. In the second month/phase do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps. For the third month/phase do 5-6 sets of 4-8 reps. Once you go through three phases you go back to the first phase with the high rep range and start over. Ideally you will be stronger and be able to bump up your weights for each exercise.

PROnote: I often will do a high rep burnout set towards the end of my workouts to increase the pump in each of the 3 phases.

2. Training each body part approximately TWICE per week will require a change in your split. You may see that the workouts don’t always fall on the same day. Most people want to sell neat package where every Monday is Chest and each Tuesday is blah blah blah. You get the idea. Each workout will be reduced in time to 30-45 minutes. This will allow you to increase intensity in each workout with is key for muscle growth. To accomplish this you will need to do an AM/PM split and continue to train single muscle groups or train two muscle groups in any given workout.

For Example:

Chest, Anterior Delts, Bi’s; Legs and Abs; Back, Medial and Rear Delts, Tri’s; Rest and Repeat


Chest; Arms; Shoulders; Legs; Back (with Deadlifts); Calves; Abs; Rest and Repeat

These are just a couple of split ideas. Reply with the days and times you plan to workout and I can make it more specific for you with your desired rest days built in. The main thing here is to think in terms of Body Parts and Adequate recover and not in terms of Monday-Friday. Make sense?

3. Stay Anabolic. Keep your workouts short and intense and follow them with proper nutrition. Workouts over 45 minutes are too long if you are looking to gain lean muscle. I prefer 40 minutes of INTENSE training! I also use Prota-lyn from Sci-Fit as my protein source right after my workout. When choosing a protein be sure to pick on that agrees with your stomach and whose company is reputable. Whatever you choose, keep your workouts packed with intensity and refuel immediately following your workout to give your body what it needs to grow.

These concepts will help you put on lean mass and slash fat!

Ian Lauer CSCS



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  1. Duncan

    Thanks for creating this blog. I appreciate the motivation its given me to change my workout so its fun again. I was stuck in a routine and your posts help get creative again. Thanks for the breakdown above. I noticed you haven’t really targeted your Traps directly (unless I overlooked it). Do you have a reason for this or are other back/shoulder exercises working for you?

    I also appreciate your diet breakdown. It was good to see mine was similar but yours helped tweek things better. Have you heard of a Diet called Dukan Diet? My sister in law was boasting about it and I told her diets like this don’t normally work and this one sounded like its a short term fix. I told her to eat more times but less and told her about your breakdown. She said this sounds like it would help building muscle but didn’t help with her losing weight. Blah blah blah…she got mad and walked away. Mind you she’s also a doctor. Can you add your input so I can get her more pissed at me until she decides to try it? Also, do you have recommendations for protein alternatives for Vegetarians? I’m trying to help my wife come up with a eating schedule. Sorry for the multiple questions…but I would rather ask someone who has had success than the chubby trainer at the gym who says they know everything about working out.

    1. Ian Lauer

      As a fitness model overall symmetry is very important. Keeping that balance is difficult when certain muscle groups are predisposed to growing more readily. For me my traps grow very easily so in order to keep my shoulders looking right with my traps and rest of body I don’t do Trap specific exercises. They get good work from upright row and raises. If you want more trap exercises try shrugs with dumbbells or a barbell.

      In response to your wife’s disbelief in the eating plan…the eating plan will help support lean muscle gain with resistance training correct. What is neglected in her consideration of the plan is the leveling of the blood sugar level that comes from eating small meals frequently. This helps your body keep from retaining extra fat. The result is fat loss. Also if lean muscle is gained….your metabolism goes up…this results in fat loss. Short term it may not show fast weight loss; however, it leads to long term fat loss and subsequent weight loss especially for women as their testosterone level is too low to put on massive amounts of muscle. It is counterintuitive to eat more often and expect weight loss but that is how it works when the portions are small.

      As for the Dukan diet..it’s too close to the Atkins for my liking. Putting your body into a state of Ketosis to burn fat…risky unless you are morbidly obese then you have to weigh the risks of both and decide. I do like increased protein intake however to sustain you. Carbs are essential though for energy and brain function.

      There are vegetarian proteins available….soy, hemp, and now a popular one is made from peas.

      I hope this clarifies your questions and that it is used for good and not to piss off your wonderful wife 🙂

    2. Aiden

      It looks like the quality of the film is blerrud (including across his mid region) but you can see definition he’s not standing there tensing all of the time like most people posing he is relaxed and what he is saying sounds sensible therefore genuine people need to chill and not criticise someone who is peddling something he obviously knows alot about

  2. randy mac

    Looking for bigger shoulders/neck.
    My rep ranges are 8-15 sets are 2-4, using heavy. I weigh about 140lbs and i’m 5’4″
    Any advice on what my training lacks? I take OMEGA3’s, MultiVits, Green Tea, ON’s Complex Mass gainer protein, Casein at night, 100% Whey between meals.

    SATURDAY- chest/back/shlders/abs
    SUNDAY- bi’s/tri’s/shlders/abs
    MONDAY- legs/cardio/abs
    TUESDAY- chest/back/shlders/abs
    WEDNESDAY- bi’s/tri’s/shlders/abs
    THURSDAY- legs/cardio/abs

    1. Ian Lauer

      Looks like a solid split. I am concerned that you are training Shoulders too frequently however. I would do them on only Sunday and Wednesday on your current split. Cut them from chest and back day.
      Consider heavy for the first 3 days of your split 6-12 reps 3-5 sets then lighter for the last 3 days of the split 10-20 reps for 2-3 sets.

      Overtraining an area often will not cause it to grow. Just make sure on your shoulder exercises you go all out and that you refuel big time!

      I prefer Sci-Fit supps. Protalyn as my protein. Pre workout i take Dark Energy or Kreation and during my workout I take Shockwave. Your supps are your choice. Thats mine.

      Remember to make sure any supps you take are allowed for any activities you do and are not a health risk for you via talking with your Dr.

      Hope this info helps!

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