Jan 06

Use Criticism as FUEL and Develop Your UPPER CHEST

Usually the body part that I get compliments on the most is  the chest.  Today was a different day.  A comment came in on my Youtube channel, www.FitMod.com, today suggesting I need to work on developing my upper chest.  There was more to the comment which was much appreciated however I decided to use the criticism as fuel for todays workout.  I suggest you do the same.  When you face criticism and adversity you must use it as fuel to become a better you.  Besides, Beauty or the Desired Physique is in the eye of the beholder!  I think the viewer may be confusing a defined chest with sheer bulk, but hey who knows?  You be the judge 🙂


One Month Ago

Upon entering Gold’s Venice today I was already aware of where my workout was going to start.  I was going to hammer the upper pecs.


PROnote:  I start every other chest workout with an incline movement to keep the chest balanced


The workout went as follows:

Incline Barbell Bench Press 6x 10,10,8,6,4,20

Converging Machine Chest Press (Mental upper pec peak contraction) 6×10,10,8,6,4,15

Incline Cable Fly 5×10

Pec Deck (Leaning Forward for Increased upper pec activation) 4×15

Hammer Strength Incline Press 4×10,8,6,4

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 1×50

8 months ago


This workout is a winner.  Most people are underdeveloped in the upper chest region.  It is important to focus on it at least every other chest workout.  If you have this issue or are looking for a new chest workout, give this one a try.

Now get into the gym and create the physique you deserve!

Ian Lauer CSCS



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  1. drew

    wow that work out frightens me… which means its probably just as effective as you say and show it is.

  2. Svevo

    26 sets for chest?? LOL… sure overtraining… 3 sets with 2 day rest, or 6-9 sets with 7 day rest

    1. Ian Lauer

      in my opinion, over-training is a term that is thrown around all to often. obesity is an UNDER-TRAINING epidemic. what is seen too often in the world, too many people struggling with obesity or being too ripped?

      1. Brahim

        After watching the colupe of videos you have on your consequence loss I feel very motivated. I went to the market today to get all your snack suggestions and also the mexican salad receipe you have a video of but I’m hoping you can post up a video of other meals you ate. I’m always on the go too and I have 3 children so you can imagine how busy I am. I like that you have very simple and quick things to make. Hope you can post more.

    2. Ian Lauer

      6-9 sets with 7 days rest is a recipe to become under-muscled and obese.

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