Ian Lauer grew up on a small town in Ohio. Ian never thought back then that he would someday be a working actor and fitness personality. As a youngster he was always fascinated by Kung Fu and Karate and building a body like some of the popular martial artists of the time. At the age of 12 he was introduced to a local Marital Arts group, the Coszack’s Karate Club. After years of studying under Grand Master Hardwick he earned his Black Belt. The discipline found in Karate has helped him in all facets of his life. In order to achieve anything of significance, discipline is necessary. This same discipline was used to harness the power of his drive for football and track. While attending Tri-Valley High School he was a starter on the Football team and part of the Championship Track Team.

After graduation, Lauer continued his Athletic and Academic Ambitions at The College of Wooster. Ian was a captain on the Track Team and a 4x100M NCAC Champion. He also continued on the gridiron. At the culmination of his football career during his senior season he was honored as a 1st Team All-NCAC and honorable mention All-American Linebacker. Lauer’s studies revolved around Chemistry and Theatre. Upon graduation he earned a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Theatre. He later studied Acting in more detail at Wayne State University in the Graduate Acting Program. Ian spent years acting professionally. He performed in “Blue Jacket” an outdoor drama in Ohio where he had to learn to ride horses bareback. Ian was later on tour performing in 15 states in a show titled “Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.” One of the craziest roles he took on was that of comic book character Batman. He performed at 3 different Six Flags Theme Parks in “The Batman Thrill Spectacular.” Ian can honestly say, “for a whole year my job was to be Batman…doing stunt work and fighting crime.”

After his run as Batman he found himself back in Detroit, Michigan where he had previously attended graduate school. Moving there with nothing, he worked as a bouncer at numerous clubs to pay the bills. It was after about six months while Lauer was training at a performance training facility that he met the Regional Chair for the NSCA. The Chairman, Jim Kielbaso, offered Ian a personal trainer position at his training facility The Total Performance Training Center. Five months later Lauer started his own Personal Training business, I Lift, Inc. working out of Total Performance. Ian worked with a great group of co-workers and clients; but, when visiting San Diego in September of 2008 he fell in love with California. It was only a matter of time until he made the move. He put the discipline learned in Karate into practice and created a plan and followed through to make his dream move to California a reality. One year later, nearly to the day, in September of 2009 Ian relocated his training business to San Diego.

After a year in San Diego Ian realized there aren’t enough hours in the day to help everyone he wants to help get fit in the personal training setting. With that understanding and with the help of some great friends and motivational mentors, he is following a new dream of becoming a top fitness personality. This dream of being a top fitness personality is fueled by Ian’s desire to help individuals on a larger scale through inspirational and motivational fitness projects. In a very short time Lauer has been able to make great strides in this endeavor. Ian has competed and placed in multiple National Level NPC Men’s Physique shows. He has found himself in multiple Magazines and Workout DVD’s. His success all comes back to his belief in goal setting: “When helping others achieve THEIR goals is your ultimate objective, you HAVE to succeed!”

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