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Jan 17

No Cameras, No Crowd, Just Greg Plitt

greg plit

It has been one year since Greg’s passing and on this sad anniversary I feel the need to share a story about one of our nation’s favorite fitness models.  I originally wrote this piece just a week after Greg was taken from us but am only now sharing it for all to read.  Why? It’s important …

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Apr 22

BACK IT UP! Back Blast with Ian Lauer CSCS, IFBB PRO

I can’t overemphasize how important back development is for the look of your overall physique.  Back training is especially important for Men’s Physique competitors.  MP guys have to be sure to bring that much desired V-Taper to the stage and big lats and a tight waist are the way to make that happen. Today, I blasted through what is …

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Feb 20


Book Cover

I’m happy to announce that “BOOK Fitness Modeling Work, Chronicles of a Working Fitness Personality” is now available!  It’s available at:

Dec 04

Behind the Scenes of my first Lead Role in a Feature Film. “The Musician”

“The Musician” Behind the Scenes to be released in 2014

Nov 26

Do you want to become a Fitness Personality

Nov 20

Sign up TODAY at FMI. It’s where I started in the fitness industry.


Oct 21

The Trailer from “The Musician” starring Ian Lauer

“The Musician” trailer starring Ian Lauer

Dec 28

Yesteryear, Today

Aug 16

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May 13

NEW LOOK has been improved.  I hope you like the new look and functionality.

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