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Dec 28



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Oct 03

Weight Training for Women: The Split for A Beginner/Intermediate Gym-Goer

Doctor Stacey Naito Front North Americans

Treadmills, leg warmers and step aerobics class were in vogue for the ladies in the 80’s.  These are all good for your health, though leg warmers in reality may not be bringing much to the table.  Fortunately women have decided to lose those leg warmers and instead add resistance training to their routines.  The result …

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Sep 12

Body Part Basics: Workout Training Splits

powertec image

As most of us know, eating properly is imperative to create your best possible physique.  However, we cannot discount the importance of working-out.  Even more specifically we have to perform RESISTANCE TRAINING to create our best body and stay functional for life.  Furthermore we look and feel better and who’s going to argue with that?  …

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Aug 12

The Training Split

My training split changes periodically as should yours.  Currently I am on a 6 day rotation with day 7 being REPEAT (no rest day) or if my body REALLY needs the break…then I take a rest day.  Typically, each morning I go for a fat burning walk right away after taking my Sci-Fit BCAA-lyn with Sci-Fit …

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Jul 20

Current Training Split

I’m in preparation for the USA’s in Vegas in 10 days.  This is an IFBB qualifier/national level NPC Men’s Physique show.  Closing in on a contest can force massive changes in some peoples workouts.  I remain SHOOTREADY year round so only minor changes are made in my workout and diet. Often people ask a number …

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Jul 06

The New Split

The final weekend in June was my most recent Men’s Physique Competition.  As a result of my finish there, I am now a National Level MP Competitor in the NPC.  My next scheduled competition is in Vegas the end of this month.  After the show I spoke with the head judge, Tamer El Guindy, on …

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May 12

Current Training Split

The last couple months I have been splitting up my  body parts for workouts twice a day.   This past week however I have been coupling my workouts together into a slightly longer workout.  This is a strategy that will work for a person that wants extreme results and can only make it to the …

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