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Dec 28



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Aug 29

Fitness Model Diet

Time and time again I am asked, “What’s your diet?”  I have posted in the past another of my eating plans.  For example: “Eat Like A Fitness Model” at: The following is another “typical day” for  you to review and use what works for you. Oatmeal & Eggs with Ground Turkey Almonds Yam & Lean …

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Jan 05

Eat Like a Fitness Model to Look Like One

Time and time again I am asked numerous questions such as: “What do you eat?” “How much protein do you take in?” “When do you stop eating carbs?” “What kind of supplements do you take?” These are all great questions and I want to make my answers available to everyone but don’t have time to …

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Dec 19

Act Like Santa At Work Don’t Look Like Him At Home

Now you may be asking yourself, “Where is he going with this?”  Well it’s quite simple really.  I’m chatting with friend today and it hit me.  He was the lucky recipient of a great care package/Christmas bundle.  You know the type!  This box  was full of chocolate covered what-nots, caramel glazed whoozits, and powder sugar …

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