Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 19

Leg Workout: The Burner

leg press

I hit the BAC today for a leg workout around lunchtime and am on a brief break having a Myotropics Physique 2.0 to refuel.  I am back from my leg workout, “The Burner.”  Once i finish my MPR and finish typing up this blog, back i go to Burn Out the Calves.  In the meantime …

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Aug 14

Supercharge Your Lift (Blast Calories AND Fat)


Here at we talk a lot about lifting.  The reason is that it works to keep you “ShootReady”.  However we shouldn’t ignore ways we can take our workouts to the next level.  I know that the majority of you want to put on lean muscle and shed fat.  That being said, we will still …

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Aug 13

The “POWER 5” Training Method


If you liked “The Big Five” then you are going to LOVE the “POWER FIVE!”  Similar to the Big Five, we are again working with 5 exercises and 5 sets per exercise.  In the Big Five we increased weight and decreased reps with each set; whereas, in the Power Five we mix it up a …

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Aug 10

The “Big 5” Workout Routine


Been Stuck for Over a Month?  Try: “THE BIG FIVE!” You know I’m big on sticking with what works.  What works?  Hard core weight training works.  I do understand though that on occasion we hit plateaus and have to find a new way to Challenge the muscle.  In other words, the SAME Challenge to the …

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