Monthly Archive: April 2011

Apr 28

Leg Thrashing at Gold’s

It ended up taking about 6 hours to make it to the gym.  I prefer to lift in the morning before anything else.  Today though with auditions etc it wasn’t possible so I got in in the evening.  I had plenty of pent up energy to blast the legs by the time I got in …

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Apr 24

Big Shoot Tomorrow, Chest Today

Tomorrow is a huge day.  I have the great fortune of shooting with Robert Reiff for Muscle & Performance Magazine.  I’m finding that my body is basically as lean as ever with a bit more muscle mass as well.  This is going to be a great shoot.  In the meantime I cranked out a chest …

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Apr 20

Todays Back at Gold’s Venice

It was a slow start at the gym.  I was in earlier for my chest workout which was great.  Getting back in for my back workout took longer than expected.  by the time I made it in I was a bit off my game.  But, I started anyway with some barbell rows and that still …

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Apr 17

Did you like “Shoulders in WEHO?”

Thanks for checking in and reading the latest workouts.  If you liked “Shoulders in WEHO” then you will love the VIDEO!  You can view it FREE at Thanks for watching! Now get in and get the physique you deserve! -Ian Lauer CSCS

Apr 14

Shoulders in WEHO

Another visit to WEHO to train shoulders.  The video is being edited and you can view it at this weekend if you would like.  This was a blast working with my ol’ friend from Detroit at his studio here in LA.  ROSSANO. THE LIFT: Warm-Up side raises 3×15 front raises 3×15 Hit It! Dumbbell …

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Apr 04

Old School Detroit Style Chest with Ol’ Friend at Gold’s!

An old friend from Michigan and I went to the Mecca to hammer out an old school chest workout D-town style.  We brought the industry to the gym and had a great one!  Of course we ran into a couple of the pillars of the gym…Jerome Ferguson and Will Harris..great guys with great knowledge in …

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Apr 03

Longest Leg Day at the Mecca

It was another day at the Mecca.  Running behind from a late start to the day… a scoop of Dark Energy orange flavor and I was off to hit it.  Legs were on the agenda.  I of course ran into a few fitness model friends as well as my photographer for the site which …

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