Jan 17

No Cameras, No Crowd, Just Greg Plitt

greg plitIt has been one year since Greg’s passing and on this sad anniversary I feel the need to share a story about one of our nation’s favorite fitness models.  I originally wrote this piece just a week after Greg was taken from us but am only now sharing it for all to read.  Why? It’s important for us not simply to remember his incredible images, but the person behind them. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 22

BACK IT UP! Back Blast with Ian Lauer CSCS, IFBB PRO

BC_47265I can’t overemphasize how important back development is for the look of your overall physique.  Back training is especially important for Men’s Physique competitors.  MP guys have to be sure to bring that much desired V-Taper to the stage and big lats and a tight waist are the way to make that happen.

Today, I blasted through what is a typical back day for me.  If you’re back is lagging then perhaps you should give this routine a try!  (Use weights appropriate for you!)

I of course have my ProFight UNLEASH mocha flavor to get amped up to bring my best into the workout.


Barbell Deadlifts: 135 lbs x10, 225×8, 315×8, 405×8, 455×6, 495×1

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 120×10, 160×10, 200×10, 240×6, 250/200/150100×6,6,8,15

Underhand Grip Machine Row 160×12, 170×12, 180×10, 170×10, 160×12BillComstock495Deadlift

Low Back Extension Machine 220 x 15, 15, 15

Machine Lat Pulldown (Neutral Grip) 120×12, 160×12, 200×10, 220×10, 150×12


After the workouts I have my PURE WHEY COMPLEX to immediately refuel the trashed muscles!  I like a protein powder to supply the necessary building blocks as quickly as possible.  Once I get home from the gym I’m sure to have my standard prep meals from ICON MEALS to keep the growth underway.

Do you want to see one of my old back workouts in action?  Here is an oldie from years back!  Old camera, mic and editing software along with OLD SCHOOL LIFTING!  Just click below!

Be sure to check out my newer videos as my video/audio/editing equipment have all been updated since this video was created.


profightlogoicon logoB-UP-300x246lsr logo




Jan 07

The Dreaded “Week Off” and Ensuing Leg Day Routine

Ferrigno Legacy Front MD Ian LauerAfter a strain of the gemellus in Karate class going into the final show of a long contest season I decided to take a week off of training.  This may not sound like a big deal, however for me it is monumental.  You see in 21+ years of training I have only taken a total of one month off.  But every once in a while you just have to take a moment to let your body heal.  This is something I say repeatedly so it was time to take my own advice. Coming off of this downtime, coupled with eating liberally during the holidays, my body was primed and ready for some serious workouts. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 20


I’m happy to announce that “BOOK Fitness Modeling Work, Chronicles of a Working Fitness Personality” is now available!  It’s available at: http://shootready.com/products/book-fitness-modeling-work

Book Cover

Dec 04

Behind the Scenes of my first Lead Role in a Feature Film. “The Musician”

“The Musician” Behind the Scenes to be released in 2014

Nov 26

Two Years in the Making: Regular Black Belt Magazine Contributor

Many goals that are worth achieving may not be readily within our reach.  It takes a big goal and the follow through to see it to the end. As a kid I loved Black Belt Magazine.  It was one of my favorite magazines.

About 2.5 years ago I had an idea for a column in Black Belt Magazine.  I will spare you the details here, but let me just say that from concept to multiple pitches to writing to photo shoot to newsstand took roughly 2 years to make this lofty goal a reality.

I’m proud to say that all of that effort was well worth it.  I am a regular contributor now to one of my all time favorite magazines and as an added bonus I am the model for the articles as well!

Set a big goal worth achieving and make it your reality!


Black Belt Magazine 2nd article pic

Nov 26

Do you want to become a Fitness Personality

Where Ian Lauer CSCS, IFBB PRO, 1st Degree Black Belt Started

Where Ian Lauer CSCS, IFBB PRO, 1st Degree Black Belt Started

Nov 20

Sign up TODAY at FMI. It’s where I started in the fitness industry.


Oct 21

The Trailer from “The Musician” starring Ian Lauer

“The Musician” trailer starring Ian Lauer

Jan 13

Model Search to IFBB PRO

It's about improvement.

It’s about improvement.

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